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Gun or Slingshot?

Many predict that Usopp will eventually begin to use real guns. It’s possible…. But I don’t think it’s going to happen. What’s crazier than a guy using a slingshot vs guys with guns right? I don’t believe he changes from his Slingshot to a gun. I believe what changes is simply his ammunition.

Don’t believe me? Alright, see how well Franky does against Sniper king when using a Machine Gun versus Usopp’s Slingshot

How he has improved outside of Haki, however, is that he can keep up with fast enemies as well as track them down and shoot them. The key, as I said, is his ammunition. He won’t do much damage with regular bullets anyway, but if he’s using things like Impact Wolf, he’s a huge threat

Usopp one piece

Usopp is also A LOT stronger. He’s shown here firing off Rubble, high into the air to hit his enemies. That’s just a few tons of force 😃

And there’s also carrying around a huge slab of meat which is easily larger than he is. Safe to say, he has improved greatly in terms of speed, Strength…. And Certainly durability. How durable? Well, he took a Liquid Explosion head on and came away unscathed. Luffy himself would have felt that one.

Usopp one piece Usopp one piece

And once again Usopp is taking advantage of his enemy’s weakness:

Sugar who was so powerful that her Ability could enslave all the Dressrosa(secretly since nobody knew what was going on), was defeated by Usopp. Initially, the first time he knocked her out was the turning point. Doflamingo lost control of Dressrosa and his plot which had seen him become its King was completely ruined. he made some of the biggest moves in Dressrosa.

Usopp vs penora one piece

Just as he defeated Perona with Fear, he defeats Sugar the same way. Note to enemies, Little kids don’t hold up well against Usopp 😃

Where does Usopp go from here?

Well, we’ve recently learned that Katakuri trained his Observation Haki so much that he can see briefly into the Future….. There’s a reason we learned this first(Foreshadowing). Usopp already has shown to have far stronger Observation Haki than the rest of the crew so he’ll most likely begin seeing into the future. Further… The more scary proof is the fact that many things he said to Kaya way back in his hometown have come true and now theorists look to what he says as Foreshadowing. Sure he may not realize it himself, but he’s seeing the future time and time again and has told them through his ridiculous stories

Usopp haki in dresrossa one piece.

I remember also when Kizaru stopped when having a gun point at him by Benn Beckman. Why would a gun scare Kizaru? Kizaru should be way faster than a bullet since he can move as Light after all… Yet what if the shooter can predict where he goes and has Sea Stone bullets? I think Usopp, however, will somehow use Haki to make his bullets faster and stronger. For some reason, no matter how crazy the situation, he does not miss. I believe that’s because of a new and more advanced Haki we have not learned about yet. As Usopp sharpens this, he’ll never miss and will begin hitting things from even further and more insane distances….. Like, say different parts of the World. Shooting people from different Countries sure would be handy right? As he improves his ammunition, what he’s shooting will also make a huge difference.

The Inventor:

Finally, there’s his Intelligence. He built Nami’s current weapon which lets her manipulate the weather, and he’s defeated powerful enemies by quickly spotting their weaknesses. What if like Sabo, Usopp can spot the “core” of things. This would mean that Usopp can figure out how to defeat enemies much quicker and easier than what would normally be possible. He would be the greatest strategist and an even better sniper because of it. How good of a sniper. Well, the best. One day he’ll even be good enough to… Challenge Yasopp, his Father.

Usopp and yasopp one piece

Usopp being a sniper fits the mold to have the best observation Haki of the straw hats I feel like he’d be the one who’d benefit the most from it. He managed to pinpoint sugar’s exact location and see which aura was hers before firing on his first display. This was a really impressive feat no only because of Haki but his experience as a marksman.

There is one more theory that I would like to share with you is Does Luffy already has new gear to unleash or not click here ⇒ Luffy with new Gear 5?⇐

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