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Originally Straw Hats planned to separate from their frantic situation at Sabaody and meet again in 3 days, however, after a series of events that occurred as well as some tragedies, it became 2 years or “3D2Y”. This would lead each Strawhat to do their own training with some incredibly unique teachers who were perfect for each one. Thus far, none of the Strawhats have seriously shown us what they can do. I’ll explain how I believe each one will showcase their new power and will develop. We will begin with Usopp. Follow this article and subscribe us by clicking the bell icon and stay updated.

Usopp the Brave man of the sea:

As you probably already know, he has begun to awaken Haki and since has grown stronger. How strong? Well, I’ll point out a few things that nobody has really noticed.

Big questions to ask though,

Why did Usopp of all people awaken Haki?
What did Usopp really improve during the Time Skip? He doesn’t seem that much stronger…. Does he?
What will some of his future Abilities look like?

Usopp one piece
Usopp The Brave warrior of the sea

As you know, Usopp is one of the weakest members of the Strawhats physically. He needs to think of ways to defeat his enemies.


Usopp vs Luffy:

Against Luffy, physically the most freakish member of the crew even beyond a Monster like Chopper, Usopp outsmarts Luffy and turns that against him. This shows Usopp is intelligent enough to use his quick thinking to briefly fight someone of Luffy’s Caliber

Usopp has shown flashes of physical ability that should be impossible for him. Oda has constantly portrayed him as a normal human being with no special powers or abilities

But there is a HUGE reason for this. It is because he is supposed to be a relatable character to us all. One who does not use freakish superpowers or superhuman abilities to defeat his enemies. He rather uses his brain similar to a certain somebody(in the DC Comics World 😃)

Usopp vs luffy one piece

But what separates Usopp is still that he has a special… “Something” that enables him to do things he shouldn’t be able to do… Such as dodging lightning.

The one thing that he has to enable to stay on par somewhat with his freakishly powerful crewmates…. It’s his sniping.

One thing that Usopp excels at beyond any other Strawhat is his sniping ability. And let’s be clear… Usopp is a freak beyond measure when it comes to Sniping. He has constantly been shown hitting targets that are seemingly impossible to hit with a mere slingshot.

Most notably is the time that he sniped Marines from a high up tower with pinpoint accuracy despite the wind which should have thrown off his Slingshot and the incredibly far distance. How far of a distance you might ask?Usopp saves robin one piece
The distance a rifle can fire at most is 4.5 miles, however, a rifle’s accuracy drops off at about 2 – 3 miles(depending on the rifle). This means that Usopp was can consistently snipe the Marines from at least 2 – 3 miles away WITH A SLINGSHOT! This is something he was capable of before the Time Skip and before he did any training.

What is Usopp’s weakness before the Time Skip?

Well to start, he isn’t very impressive physically. This would allow faster and stronger enemies to overwhelm him. Then let’s add in the fact that his ammunition he uses isn’t very strong. This means that regardless of whether he can hit the enemy, it would not matter since he probably wouldn’t do much damage.

Usopp one piece

Look at where we are now in the story. Usopp’s 2nd Bounty is 200,000,000 Berries. Guys…. That’s higher than most of the Crew’s 3rd Bounty. Why has Usopp considered such a threat?God Usopp one piece

How Usopp has improved and where “God Usopp” is heading next?

Usopp recently grew stronger and his potential shot through the roof when he first showcased Observation Haki. It was by far the most unexpected moment in Dressrosa.

You will not find a single theorist who predicted he would use Observation Haki. It was by far the most unexpected event and was by far he’s the biggest highlight in the entire story thus far. Usopp himself hadn’t even learned Observation Haki during training…. But was this really his first time using Observation Haki? Why was it so much more powerful than any of the other’s Strawhats the first time he’d used it?

Usopp one piece

Simple… Because he’d used it before. That’s right, Usopp has used Observation Haki before.

Sniper king vs Dady:

Remember his challenge against Daddy? Daddy had been bested time and time again by Usopp’s father Yasopp, and Daddy challenged him to see if he was really like his father. The challenge was to shoot a Weathervane which was barely even able to be seen and Usopp had to do it with his Slingshot. Daddy’s daughter noted, “there’s no way he can shoot that far with that thing.” If Usopp missed, Daddy was going to shoot him through the heart(although I think even if he had missed, Daddy would not have shot him anyway). Yet he hit it perfectly. Everyone at first thought he had missed, but Daddy (who likely also has Observation Haki) immediately saw that he’d hit it. This is the first time that Usopp used Observation Haki and he’s been using it on and off ever since.

Like Father…. Like Son. Where Usopp goes from here is frankly a very scary place if this theory is correct. Based on what Oda is showing us and based on how we’re seeing things, I think I know why Oda is making Luffy and Co. Fight Big Mom before we see a single thing happen on Zoro’s end. That’s the key to this theory.

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