10 Must Watch Thriller Anime You Would Regret Missing

One of our favorite genre in anime is thriller anime. Among the hundreds of thriller anime releasing every year we often miss the best ones. In this list I won’t be including the most popular ones like Death Note, Code Geass or Tokyo Ghoul, I think almost every anime fan have already watched them but If you haven’t then please do. There are all great shows with amazing plots and representation.

Now without further delay let’s start the countdown. See how many of these you have already watched.

10.Death Parade:

Death parade

Episodes: 12

Status: Complete.

Summery: This one is a psychological thriller anime based on the concept of judgement after death. The ‘Arbitrator’s are created for the purpose of passing judgement to human souls. Their duty is to create some extreme situations by a death game to bring out the darkness of the souls. Decim is such an arbitrator void of any human emotions as any other arbitrator. He passes judgement efficiently. But one day a girl appears at Quindecim and make Decim question his judgements.

This anime is a roller-coaster ride of human emotions and behavior when facing death and absolutely worth watching.


9.Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor:

Cover image of Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor:

Episodes: 26

Status: Complete.

Summery: This one is very different from the others. If you love gambling and thriller then you will love this one. Here the main character Kaiji in submerged in a huge debt of 3000000 yen but he is given a chance to gamble against other bankrupts. each bankrupts is given a loan, giving them another chance to pay their debts back or be in a deeper debt. Kaiji accepts the challenge.

The animation of this series is not that good but if you ignore that and look at the plot…this one is a masterpiece.

8. Phantom Requiem for The Phantom:

Cover Image of Phantom Requiem For The Phantom

Episodes: 26

Status: Complete.

Summery: “Phantom” is the strongest assassin of an mysterious organization named Inferno. The story revolves around a man who witnesses “Phantom”s latest act of murder and reveals “Phantom”s identity. As a result he was captured and brainwashed and finally he becomes the new assassin of Inferno with no memory of who he is….the rest…well you’ll have to watch the show to know.

An amazing thriller. Loved every moment of it.




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