Sword art online: Season 1 vs Season 2

Sword art online is surely one of the most famous anime based on game. The two seasons have already been finished but I have seen a lot of people asking this question before they start season 2: ‘which season is better?’ Well to answer that question let’s discuss the facts first. I’ll try to not spoil the fun for you and give away as little of the plot as possible.

Sword art online Season 1:

sword art online

No of episodes: 25

Genre: science fic, romance, fantasy.

Summary: The show has two parts, the first part has 14 episodes and the 2nd part has 11 episodes.

The story revolves around two main characters Kazuto Kirigaya(Kirito) and Yuuki Asuna. They and several other players get trapped in an online MMORPG game called ‘Sword Art Online’. The only way to return to the real world is to win all the 100 levels. But if a player’s hp falls down to zero, the player dies.

The second part of the show gets an important supporting character, Kirito’s cousin Souguha. Here we see the players in another game called “ALfheim Online”. The most interesting addition here is that the players can fly in this game!! Here the story revolves around Kirito trying to rescue Asuna who was held captive.

Sword Art Online Kirito

Discussion: Let’s see the good and bad sides of this season:

  1. The animation is beautiful…it will make you want to re watch the series again and again.
  2. The first half of this session is a perfect blend of romance and action. Kirito’s and Asuna’s sword skills are awesome specially kirito’s “dual wielding” and their chemistry is…well I’ll say they are really a cute couple.
  3. There are some interesting plot twists too.
  4. Despite having a serious life and death situation as a plot, the show is very easygoing….it will make you feel relaxed and contented.
  5. The 2nd half of the season is not as good as the 1st half. It starts slowly but the plot quickly loses its easy-going nature. But despite that here kirito’s character gets good character development.
  6. Asuna’s character is not as lively here as it was in 1st half due to plot reasons. So, if you like Asuna in action then you’ll probably feel disappointed.
  7. The ending is good. You won’t be disappointed when you finish watching the season.


  • 1st part: 9/10
  • 2nd part:8/10
  • Overall rating: 8.5/10

Now let’s move on to season 2




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2 thoughts on “Sword art online: Season 1 vs Season 2

  • June 22, 2017 at 1:27 am

    I don’t think SAO was ever as good as its first arc again. I do enjoy the second season more than the second arc in season 1, but really, it is the first story that I love. The rest is just kind of watchable because the characters I enjoyed show up in them.


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