Shikadai Nara | 15 Facts About Him You Probably Didn’t Know | Boruto

#8 Look Alike

shikadai and family

He reflects pretty much of Shikamaru’s image and personality except the eyes like his mother Temari.

#9 Tough Opponent

shikadi power

He is a tough opponent for his age since he possesses the Kazekage bloodline. His attributes are 180 in intelligence, 145 in perception, 130 in negotiations, 120 in chakra, 112 in dexterity, and 90 in strength.

#10 Like Father Like Son

shikamaru and shikadai

He intentionally gave up against Boruto in the Chunin Exam just like his dad because he felt as a gamer, one should understand when to give up to fight another day when the odds are overwhelmingly against you.

#11 Battle With Boruto

Shikadai vs boruto

During his battle against Boruto, he had already came up with at least 12 different countermeasures if Boruto had used the Rasengan.

#12 Kishimoto on Shikadai


Kishimoto states that he doesn’t want the new characters like Shikadai to represent their parents very much as they would ultimately end up being clones of their parents which he thinks the readers won’t find interesting. Kishimoto feels that out of all, Shikadai represents his parents most, a clone of Shikamaru.

#13  Favorite Person

Shikadai and kankuro

Among Shikadai Nara mother’s family, Kankura is his favorite person.

#14 Ino-Shika-Cho


Shikadai Nara, Chocho Akimichi, and Inojin Yamanaka from the 17th generation of Ino-Shika-Cho trio.

#15 Dislikes


As like his dad he also dislikes pranks and training.


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