Sasuke Dead: Boruto Manga Theory and Predictions

Are you worried about what is going to happen to Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, Sakura, and others? Well, I’m really worried about them. After all, we have been watching the series for a long time and have become attached to all the character especially the main characters. In this article, I’ll try to analyze what we have watched the anime till now and find out if there is a possibility of Sasuke dead may occur in the series or not.

Things that indicate that Sasuke dead may be happening:

Sasuke dead
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  •  In the beginning of the first episode where we see Boruto and Kawaki fight on the top of the Hokage mountain, it is noticeable that Boruto is wearing Sasuke’s head band(which Sasuke gave him during Boruto movie). As Sasuke is going to be Boruto’s teacher it is possible that Boruto is wearing that to show respect to Sasuke’s memory. Besides the sword and the cloak looks like Sasuke’s too, though being Sasuke’s student using a sword as a prime weapon is not unnatural. Still, the possibility of Boruto using those things to Honor Sasuke’s memory (or probably some sacrifice Sasuke has made) is too high.

    Boruto and Sasuke
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  • A few months ago there were a few leaked pictures of Naruto dying in a battle. Now if that happens then there is a high chance of Sasuke using his rennegan to revive Naruto and sacrificing himself. After all, Naruto is the main character of the series and in the Boruto movie, we have seen that Sasuke’s loyalty to Naruto was absolute.
  • Another thing is, in the first episode the whole village looked destroyed. Now if Naruto and Sasuke are alive then that is not possible. After all, they are the strongest ninjas in the world.Naruto And Sasuke

Reasons why Sasuke may still be alive:

  • Even if the village is destroyed and Naruto and Sasuke are nowhere to be found, it is possible that they have been trapped in some other dimension by someone like Kaguya and are fighting there.

    Sasuke death
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  • Boruto never says anything about avenging his father or shisho during the fight, even when Kawaki disrespect Naruto which is unlikely. After all even Naruto wanted to kill Jiraia’s murderers in the beginning. And from what we have seen in the movie, Boruto is going to grow very close to Sasuke, more than he is to Naruto. So if Naruto or Sasuke was dead I don’t think Boruto will be as composed as we have seen him in the first episode.sasuke and boruto

 Final Thoughts:

Well at the end of the day all we can do is predict and hope for the best. I really really don’t want any of them to die but we have seen many important characters dying in the Naruto series. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and enjoy the series while it is still funny and less complicated. Thanks for reading. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

So Please Leave Comment what you think about Sasuke Dead occurring in Boruto Series or not.



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