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Hey, guys, Big News Morgan is here. And today I am going to tell you about Sabo’s Bounty that has been revealed.

Sabo’s Bounty Revealed :

As we all know Sabo is the Chief of Staffs of Revolutionary Army plus, he has the Mera Mera no Mi to enhance his power so we excepted that his bounty will be high. But I am going to tell you his bounty that was revealed by  Oda Sensei in the one piece latest magazine in Japan. Yonkou Production has translated it to us. As it was translated by YonkouProductions that his bounty is 602,000,000 berries. Sabo's Bounty

My Thoughts On Sabo’s Bounty :

As I don’t know about your feelings on this matter, but I am hugely disappointed in Oda. We all except his Bounty should have been a lot higher. We all know that Bounty doesn’t represent a man power level but still we except it higher because he is Chief of Staffs of the revolutionary army. Revolutionary Chief Monkey D. Dragon is known to be the worst criminal in One Piece history.

Sabo in dressrosa took on Admiral Fujitora and he also beat Yonko Blackbeard Commander Burgees easily. Again I know Bounty doesn’t tell someone true strength but at least he should he should have a bounty over of 800,000,000 berries and close to 1,000,000,000 berries. He is clearly a Younko Commander level so for me, Oda really disappointed me and others one piece fans as well. Sabo vs fujitora


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