ReLife: Do You Think Going Back To High School is Easy?

Hi everyone, here is another discussion on the famous slice of life anime of 2016 ReLife. The anime was really appreciated and was considered one of the best anime released in 2016. Let’s see the details and discuss the things you may like and dislike about the anime.

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No of Episodes: 13 

Small isn’t it? But there is a high possibility that they’ll make a second season. Why? Well, the manga is ongoing and the ending of the anime leaves too many questions in our minds. Of course, the may leave it to our imaginations but well personally I think it’ll be great to have another season of this show.

Genre: Slice of life, Comedy, Romance, Science-fic.

Even if I have included science-fic in the genre and the basic concept of the anime is obviously science fiction. I would not recommend this if you are searching for a hard-core science fiction anime. This one is mostly slice of life with lots of joyful and funny moments, also pure high school romance. There is slight melancholy undertone towards the ending but overall the anime gives a positive vibe.


The story is based on a 27 years old NEET(Not in Education Employment or Training) named Krizaki Arata. After quitting his first job of 3 months Arata is unable to get another job. After a failed interview and drunken night, Arata gets an offer from a stranger. He will have to become a research experiment and relive one year of high school again in exchange they’ll give him a job next year and city all his expenses throughout the year he will be in High school. He was given a pill that will make him seem like a high school student again. Depressed and without any better option in hand Arata agrees to do the job and thus starts an adult’s journey as a high school student.

Things You’ll Love About ReLIFE:

  •  From the very first episode, the anime will make you roll on your seat with laughter. Problems we never thought one can face in a school, things an adult do without thinking but will get any high school student in trouble are depicted so naturally that I’m sure you’ll laugh without even trying.
  • The easygoing nature of the anime will surely draw you in. Simple things we failed to understand as school students but seems really easy as an adult. Stupid and unreasonable things people do in young age and regret later in life are shown beautifully in the anime. If you are still in school you can easily pick up a lesson or two from the show.
  • Mostly a friendship anime without much complications. If you enjoy them then this anime is for you.
  • Finally, the animation is good. With so many supernatural, action, thriller and fantasy anime around, this show will surely feel like a breath of fresh air.

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Important Characters:

1 Kaizaki Arata:

The leading character of the show. he is friendly, kind and funny. Despite being 27 years old originally he adapts to his high school life pretty well towards the end. Though He is really bad at studies and sports!

Arata and Chizuro
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2 Chizuru Hishiro:

Leading Female character of the show.  She is socially and emotionally a bit awkward. But we see a great character development as the show progress. There is also a good plot twist which I won’t reveal here. But the romantic atmosphere between Arata and Kaizaki is something that makes the show even more enjoyable. Because Arata thinks that it is not right for him to fall for a teenager. Besides he was there for a year only after which everyone in the school will forget him. So, a romantic relationship seems unreasonable to him. Yet he can’t help but fall for her.

Ryo and An
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3 An Onoya and Ryo Yoake:

These two are the part of the research group that is conducting this ReLIFE. They are also adults disguising themselves as high school students to keep an eye on the subjects of ReLIFE experiment and report their progress. In the series, they both become really good friends with Arata.

Raina and Kazuomi
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4 Rena Karui and Kazuomi Ohoga:

Another two classmates of Arata. Kazuomi is something like a best friend to Arata. Rena and Kazuomi are both interesting characters. The adds a spark of life in the show.


Thank you so much for reading. If you have any opinion please leave us a comment in the comment section below.





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