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Maybe Satella Isn’t The Villain Here


Satella, Jealous Witch

If you think about it , Satella(Jealous witch) is the reason Subaru is in this world and she is the one who is reviving him every time. So If she is the villain here and Subaru is the main character then why in the world she summoned him in the first place. Also when Subaru was killing Betelgeuse, and Betelgeuse tried to possess Subaru, why she didn’t help Betelgeuse. I am guessing there is a deep story behind the Satella, and people misunderstood her.  And maybe she is still trying to protect the kingdom, by summoning Subaru in this world.


Roswaal L Mathers, What is his plans?


This Character is one of the most mysterious character in the series, his greatest desire is to make Emilia queen. It has been previously stated that Lugunicia is protected by “the dragon” with the implication that this is the same dragon that played a part in the binding of Satella. If Emilia becomes queen then she will be closer to the dragon than anyone else, and Roswaal wants to take that chance to kill the dragon, and that might be the key to free Satella. But still it’s not clear that if he is friend or foe.

That’s it for now, al though we have many more questions in mind like who hired Elsa Granhiert. and many more question are there. Thanks for reading this, these are just my opinion, I haven’t read the manga/light novel so many of this maybe sounds stupid to you. But I would like to hear your thoughts on this on the comment box below. see ya.




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