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Re Zero is one of the best anime I have seen till now with time loop, which made me too excited throughout the series. Starting your life in another world from zero, Re zero season one planted many questions in our mind. And we fans are too much curious about what going to happen next. So today I wanted to discuss the possibilities of the story, and what might happen in re zero season 2. These are just my thoughts and can differ from yours, So feel free to comment your thoughts down bellow.

Is Subaru a Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult?


Through out the series, we got many indications that he might be one of the Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult. If we notice one thing that Betelgeuse mentioned, only those who are chosen for Sin Archbishop can become sloth’s vessel, and Subaru was one of the vessel. Betelgeuse also mentioned that he is perfect for the position of the Sin ‘Pride’. That’s not it, If we notice carefully the Sloth has this power to change, vessel, which he called fingers. And when ever he dies, his soul(or whatever it is) possess to a new finger. So This is a power that triggers when he dies. Just like Subaru’s Return By Death ability. As for the gospel, Subaru already got one after killing sloth, I am guessing it’s his way of getting his gospel. judging by these facts I guess its pretty clear that Subaru is one of the Sin Archbishop. I guess we will find that out in Re Zero Season 2


Connection Between Emilia and the Jealous Witch

Emilia And Jealous Witch

It cannot be a Coincidence that Satella (Jealous Witch) and Emilia both are half elf with white hair, which almost similar to Satella. in many scene people mistaken her as the jealous witch. Though this is a wild guess but if my previous theory is correct then I am also guessing there is a blood relation between Emilia and Satella. I am pretty sure we will find that out in Re zero season 2. 

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