Ban, How Powerful is he – The fox sin – Seven Deadly Sins

If you are still having doubts then Lets focus on another fight

When Melodious first faced Galand Commandments of truth of the “Ten Commandments” Melodious’s power level was

Ban fighting Galand
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3370 according to Hawk’s eye, and Galand was 40,000 so Galand defeated melodious and almost killed melodious. Its Gowther’s  (The Goat’s Sin of Lust.) illusion saved there lives , but when Galand  fought Ban, Ban easily took down and defeated Galand very badly, So that means Ban can easily steal demonic powers of demons too.. with that said melodious is no exception.  Its Galand Companion Melascula another Commandment who had the power to consume souls, overpowered Ban as his body is only immortal not soul. Clearly that was his one and only weakness, and Melascula was like his natural enemy in terms of ability. Other than that Ban was one and only person (other than Escanor) who had the power the stand against and took down a member of Ten  Commandments, without any training


Having an immortal body and ability to steal opponents physical ability stamina, He is almost unbeatable in battle, but there is also some restrictions, he can’t maintain the snatch ability for too long and after it ends that makes his body very weak, and also he can be killed if his souls is destroyed, regardless of these extreme conditions I am coming to a conclusion is Ban “The Fox’s Sin Of Greed” is a formidable opponent no matter who the opponent is, a worthy member of the seven deadly sins .

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