Ban, How Powerful is he – The fox sin – Seven Deadly Sins

In most of the Anime we always find someone who catches the spot light as much as the main character. In case of  NANATSU NO TAIZAI (Seven deadly sins)  its Ban. The fox sin of greed and who became immortal by drinking from the fountain of youth.
Today we will be discussing on how powerful is he, at full extent of his power.

Lets check Ban’s abilities

Image of Ban the fox sin of green of the seven deadly sins
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  • Immortality :He is the fox sin of greed of seven deadly sins. After drinking from fountain of youth he became immortal and gained eternal youth. He cannot be killed as immortality helps him regenerate lost organs, wounds, limbs and can even revive him from complete incineration and decapitation
  • Snatch: Other than being immortal his ability is Ban can steal half of the opponents power rendering them weak and make that his own, plus his own strength added to it makes him stronger than anyone in fight.

How good These are in Battle

Melodious and Ban fighting
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Now we know his abilities lets analyse how good these skills are in battle, we have already seen Ban fighting with Melodias, the Dragon sin of wrath captain of the seven deadly sins, in  episode 11 (Anime), chapter 87 (Manga), and almost defeated him, It’s because of Melodious’s demonic power he was defeated,

So that means its final Ban can’t defeat melodious, and melodious is stronger that Ban in battle??.. Actually that’s not true, there were certain limitation in the battle, and he was just pushed out of the ring, and even if he was injured badly, he is immortal he can heal quickly, and as Melodious was hiding his demonic powers Ban couldn’t use his stealing ability. but after melodious revealed that Ban could steal that too…




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