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Fight against Caeser:

When facing Caesar, Luffy played around initially, but once he got serious he easily dominated this fight. He beat on Caesar pretty punch ceaser


It was mostly Haki infused punches and 2nd Gear attacks infused with Haki

luffy haki punch on ceaser

Afterward, he finishes Caesar with a slow but powerful 3rd Gear Grizzly Magnum(aka 3rd Gear Bazooka). So that’s just 2nd Gear attacks, 3rd gear, and Armament Haki.Elephant gun vs ceaser


Fight against Duffy:

Against Doflamingo, Luffy used mainly Gear 2nd which was too weak, yet on par with Doflamingo’s speed. With 3rd Gear, Luffy was able to match Doflamingo’s power but lacked the speed to actually connect any attacks. Luffy needed to increase both his power and strength.

Red hawk vs doflamingo
Luffy Vs Doffy

That’s where 4th Gear came in, though it were too much for Doflamingo who could barely believe how strong Luffy was. Doflamingo’s pure tenacity kept him in the fight, but 4th Gear allowed Luffy to overwhelm Doflamingo.

Kingkong Gun
Luffy vs Doffy


Luffy, however, was not used to using 4th Gear in real fights so he needed help, but once he realized he needed to end things quickly, King Kong Gun was used. It completely overwhelmed And destroyed Doflamingo’s attack and defeated him.

Luffy kong gun vs doflamingo
Luffy vs Doffy
Fight against Cracker:

Against Cracker, Luffy quickly discovered that nothing below 4th Gear was even close to a match for an Emperor’s top Commander. Cracker easily handled all of Luffy’s 2nd and 3rd Gear Attacks

Luffy vs cracker

And so Luffy went to 4th Gear. Though he was now able to damage Cracker’s biscuit soldiers and destroy them……..

one piece chapter commander cracker vs luffy
luffy vs commander cracker

Cracker still overwhelmed him. Luffy from this point onward was called too weak for Big Mom or not ready to face her. But then Luffy busted out Tankman. With this, he was able to defeat Cracker without even attacking.

Tankman Luffy

This new form looked to hold even more power than 4th Gear, but due to the circumstances and how Luffy struggled, people still interpreted this as Luffy not being ready to face an emperor.
cannon ball

Luffy talks with Rayleigh about his King Kong Gun. Seems Rayleigh is giving him a few pointers and……. WAIT RAYLEIGH!!!!! WHY THE HELL IS HE THERE??!

Kingkong gun theory

As we know, Rayleigh left the island after a year and a half of training when Luffy mastered Haki… This means likely 4th Gear as well. And in the scene I just showed, Luffy had already begun using 4th Gear.

But we also know Luffy didn’t actually become the boss of the island until the half of a year that Luffy trained on his own. This means there’s definitely something else he is capable of, that he simply has not shown yet More proof of the fact is Rayleigh who had obviously seen 4th Gear already noting that Luffy’s power has improved even further. Luffy knew about 4th Gear though and the way Oda wrote out the Dressrosa arc, Oda made 4th Gear a huge surprise for us. It was one nobody had ever expected until it happened. This is foreshadowing for another big technique.

Possibilities :

I feel like this based on what we’ve seen. Luffy holds back whenever he fights. He could have easily gone 4th Gear to instantly end any of his fights before Doflamingo. He could have actually attacked first and destroyed Cracker. Brace yourselves for something big. I doubt there’s another time skip or even another fight. Oda gave Luffy time to carry out one more technique into his arsenal. Luffy absolutely never uses more power than is necessary. Now is the time for him to show us. He will either awaken or show off another new Gear.

One Piece Chapter 872

Also, note that Oda is starting to show us what Big Mom can do and explain her powers in greater and greater detail in one piece chapter. He’s not doing that just because, otherwise Luffy would never get to fight Big Mom or Oda would make up some reason Luffy doesn’t get to fight her now. Instead, he’s prepping us more and more for a huge clash. Brook is probably going to be the punching bag for him to display some of Big Mom’s power, and Sanji or Jinbei will be the rogue variable to set up their real fight or even to assisting Luffy for a one or one or giving him a bit of help like Law did. Ultimately though, I see Luffy being the one to finish things off.

facts about brook
Brook Featured

One Piece is about 65% complete. Yes, this gives us a lot of time, but I feel like Luffy needs to elevate his status right here and now. We still have yet to even see the World Government’s fighters in action(aside from CP9) who I’m sure will come in sooner or later with CP0. We haven’t even seen the Revolutionary Commanders in action yet.

The new Warlords whose power levels vary. The new Admirals Green Bull. Fleet Admiral Akainu. The more powerful Yonko in Blackbeard(Luffy’s rival), Shanks, nor Kaido who is actually being shown more and more to eventually come after Luffy. Nor the other Supernovas. It’s because Luffy will need to elevate himself to get us to this point of the story. Nobody expected the Grand Fleet either nor the Minks becoming allies, nor the Samurai, although Jinbei was expected. We’re in for a lot of surprises.

Luffy gear 5
Luffy gear 5
Why such names?

Let me just note that each animal we’ve seen in Luffy’s training seems to represent an attack Luffy has. There’s the Snake shot so he must have fought a giant snake. There’s Kong Gun and possibly King Kong Gun for the Gorilla. There’s Elephant Gun for the Giant elephant we see Rayleigh defeat. There’s Grizzly Magnum probably for a Giant bear. Red Hawk likely for a Giant Hawk as well as Hawk Bullet, Hawk Axe. Rhino Schneider likely for a Giant Rhino.

One Piece Chapter 872

Leo Bazooka for the Giant Lion. Culverin….. Kinda unsure on that one tbh lol. But so far, nothing named after the Giant crocodile there yet. We’ll likely see more new attacks as well as other technique or awakening. Also, don’t forget that Luffy improves as he fights and has shown to do so in just about every fight he’s been in.

This is all let me know your thoughts in comment section and for more theories like this and prediction subscribe us and check more discussion here Discussion 




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