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Reasons That Luffy has new Gear:

Here I will outline why Luffy already has the power to defeat Big Mom, and why we will see this power in action very soon in the manga, and sooner or later in the anime. I just noticed this as I rewatched the Dressrosa Arc. Oda showed us something and none of us understood it. Again, read at your own risk. I may spoil the entire Arc we’re now in with this theory. Once it’s explained, it’ll all make sense.

All I’ve read about is this insurmountable gap in power Big Mom has. Now there’s no way Luffy could possibly beat a Yonko. How Luffy will need more training. Perhaps a 2nd time skip. He’s not ready. How do you go from barely beating Doflamingo to beating an Emperor It’s too soon. Etc etc. And then it happened. I was re-watching the Dressrosa Arc. Just before Luffy used King Kong Gun, Oda showed us exactly why Luffy can and will beat Big Mom. It was the final hidden hint.

Kingkong gun theoryPeople, remember this freaking scan, please. It is the ultimate hint that everyone has overlooked for the longest. Nobody paid it any mind whatsoever. Nobody paid any attention as Oda basically told us everything we need to know. And not only that, Oda is heavily stacking odds against Luffy on purpose.

Fight against Hody:

Think about Luffy’s fight with Hody. A powerful drug tamped Fishman who he fought UNDERWATER. Alright, so doesn’t seem that impressive at first glance, until you realize he fought in an environment where one wrong move would have left him absolutely defenseless. His enemy already had an overwhelming advantage….luffy vs hody red hawk

And yet, Luffy still seemed to easily overpower Hody many times. All he used was what we now know as basic attacks for Luffy. Like here with a Jet Bazooka. Or here with Red Hawk. This attack was more of a shocker because we find out that Luffy could use fire and in an underwater environment. But still, for current Luffy this attack is basic.

And then he finished Hody with Elephant Gun Gatling and then made it Overkill with Jet Gatling. Still, we see him casually using Elephant Gun now so it’s not so special anymore. But still, this is all Luffy used to defeat Hody. 2nd Gear, 3rd Gear, and Haki.

one piece chapter thor hamar
One piece Luffy in action
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