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Recently one piece chapter 871 has released and Oda never fails to deliver and the way he keeps making more fans of One Piece demanding for more (it is his trademark though). Check out our prediction on One piece 872 as well Whole Cake Island Arc.

One Piece Chapter 871 Overview:

As expected,  Big Mom easily defeats Judge with ease. Luffy fight with Big Mom is not that impressive just a punch. But the abilities of Germa 66 are interesting and surely it will give to the changes of this battle. It seems Big Mom Pirates can overwhelm any situation. If you have commanders who can easily handle any opposition without much effort then nothing less can be expected from a Yonko.

In the last part of manga chapter 871, the tamatebako box exploded at the most critical moment. Sanji, Luffy even Bege and Ceaser already being captured and Big Mom was just planning to execute them all. Though from the drawing it can be seen that tamatebako’s explosion was in small-scale, it manages to damage only the wedding cake.

One piece chapter Thre bothers
One piece chapter three brothers
One Piece Chapter 872 expectations:

Next chapter can be a huge upside down. Probably another death, and I think Tamatebako will be the life saver. The bomb would play a large part in Strawhat Crew escaping the whole cake island. The confusion caused by tamatebako’s explosion will be the only chance for Straw hats to escape or probably not. By hearing that sound Germa 66 members can rush to the spot and help them out.

Now few questions may come to your mind –
  • How Luffy gonna escape from this sure death?
  • Does Luffy have enough power to defeat Big Mom?
  • Does Luffy have a new trick up his sleeve?

In this article, I’m going to answer you this questions and try to point out some hidden facts that probably you have missed or overlooked. So without any further delay, let’s begin. (Note: This is only my opinion and I’m not Oda sama I know that.. so if you disagree with just let me know your thoughts in comment section below I’ll love to know your opinions. Thanks )   🙂

One piece chapter all straw hat crew member
straw hats

How luffy gonna escape from this sure death?

let me point out some interesting facts related to this.

  1.  Straw Hat Pirates have a huge alliance
  2.  Sabo told Burges back in dressrosa arc that he’ll be there whenever Luffy gonna need him
  3.  There is member of cipher pol 0 in whole cake island
  4.  Most importantly Tamatebako box.

Let’s start one by one.

Straw hat grand fleet going to rescue Straw hat and his comrades (Possibility 20%):

Grand fleet is the one of the largest pirate alliance who made a promise to serve for Luffy. All of them has Luffy’s viver card under their possession. So if execution really going to happen they will know that. Do you remember when Luffy and Nami were captured and Luffy was going to tear his hands apart probably that moment his viver card alerted the whole fleet. And you can’t deny the fact from last few chapter Oda has introduced grand fleet members in cover story photos. Maybe it’s the hidden message of Oda towards us.

Straw hat grand fleet
Straw hat grand fleet

The Grand entrance of Revolutionary army in one piece chapter 872 (Possibility 10%):

Back in Dresrossa Sabo told Burges that He will be watching Luffy’s back. In One Piece film, gold Sabo came to help Luffy and found that he is safe. I think as his brother is caught by Big Mom and his life is in danger he might pop up again with his revolutionary members to rescue his little bro.

One piece revolutionary

Cypher Pol 0 plot in one piece Chapter 872 (Probability 2%):

The presence of cipher pol member can be a hint that they are actually making a plot against Big Mom and as they want to capture Straw Hats so they might save him. Who knows?.

One piece chapter 871 cypher pol 0
One piece chapter 871 cypher pol 0

The presence of Tamatebako Box (Probability 40-50%):

In Fish-man island Oda introduced us with Tamate box it has lots of explosives and in last manga chapter, the tamatebako box exploded at the crucial moment when Big Mom decided to execute all of them.  If you leave Prometheus, Zeus and Brulee then none of the Big mom pirates can fly so it will be difficult for them to stay in feet and chase straw hats and Bege mean while Ceaser, as he can fly, will carry them all out of the castle to the sea-coast.

one piece chapter 871 tamatebako explosion
tamatebako explosion


Does Luffy have enough power to tAKE DOWN Big Mom?

Big Mom is a yonko not a regular Pirate or shichibukai and his crew is hell lot a strong having full family with higher bounty and commanders like katakuri there is no way it is easy to defeat Big Mom. On the other hand, Germa members are already annihilated by Big Mom and her co.

one piece chapter all commanders of big mom

More than that I think now Luffy doesn’t have enough power to defeat a Yonko as you can see commander cracker give a hard time to Luffy. And gear 4 exhaust pretty quick. So there is no way he can continue the fight or even he has new power or gear to deal with a Yonko he doesn’t have enough stamina left to use because of the continue fights since entering the island. Furthermore, Luffy stated he wants to defeat Kaido first then Big Mom. This is the main reason I believe that he gonna escape for now but I have a theory that can pretty much explain that last question Does Luffy has a new trick up his sleeve?


Lofy vs Big mom one piece chapter
Luffy vs Big mom one piece chapter

Thanks to my dear friend Moleek Bell, he draws my attention to some facts that make me believe that Luffy already has a new Gear to unleash. I repeat Luffy already has a new Gear to unleash. Why so? Let me tell you….


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