Naruto Death:Boruto Manga-Will Naruto Really Die?

2.  Now the question is What happened to Hinata?              


Look at the picture closely as we all have noticed Young Boruto does not possess The Byakugan instead a different do Jutsu was given to him in the series(apparently Kishimoto-san had forgotten to give him the Byakugan in the 700th manga chapter)

Now in the Second picture, Boruto’s right eyes have a huge slash over it just like Kakashi. A slash that most probably has come from an eye transplantation. Besides look at the Eye of the older Boruto, it sure looks like a Byakugan to me.

Conclusion: Hinata is probably dead in the series because I don’t think they would kill Himawari. Another point is, if Hinata is alive then she should have been beside the injured Naruto in the picture as she also fights in the front line. but all we see is Sasuke and Shikamaru holding Naruto.

3. Finally, what about Sasuke?

Naruto death

Well, he is surely alive. From the picture beside, we can confirm it. Though it is very unlike for Sasuke to cry like that I’ll pass it, after all, he has tried to kill naruto so many times but at the end had accepted his mistakes and promised to protect the village and the Hokage.

Naruto’s death would be a failure on his part.

There is a possibility that Sasuke will use his Renni Rebirth Jutsu on Naruto if he really dies as an ultimate sacrifice for his best friend and the Hokage of the village. After all in the movie Boruto both Naruto and Sasuke looked like they have formed a stronger friendship over the time.

Well, these are just theories. Let’s see what happens as the story progresses.

Thank you for reading. Comment what do you think about Naruto death going to happen or not?

Sources of the Images: Google plus.



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