Naruto’s Death:Boruto Manga-Will Naruto Really Die? [Just Discussion]

The leaked pictures of Naruto’s death from Boruto Manga has spread like a wildfire. Raising various questions and doubts in our minds,

  • Is Naruto really going to die?
  • What would happen to Hinata and Sasuke?
  • What about the Nine-tails?

And so many other questions. Though it was heard that Naruto and Hinata may die in the series, nothing is clear yet but let’s try to analyze the picture and the facts to find out what is most probably going to happen¬† in the manga.(Spoilers Ahead. Be Warned!!!!)

1. Is Naruto really Going to Die?

As we all know Naruto having the nine tails in him has a very fast healing. After all when Sasuke passes a chidori through his chest Kyuubi healed such a fatal wound in a matter of seconds. So, for Naruto to die, first the nine tails need to be extracted or somehow sealed away.

Now let’s look at the picture. Naruto is in his Hokage robes and Shikamaru is running towards him. Which pretty much¬† implies that he is in the village. Besides the First episode of Boruto anime shows that the Hokage mountain was destroyed. So most likely they were fighting in the village and not in a battle field.

naruto and shikamaruNaruto's death

In this circumstances the chances of Kyuubi being extracted is almost zero because that is a time consuming process and from Shikamaru’s reaction it was an accident, the incident has happened in the spar of a moment.

But the pictures also shows a pool of blood coming from Naruto’s stomach. According to me only three things are possible

  • Either Naruto has completely exhausted his kyuubi chakra and the nine tails is unable to heal him.
  • He has willingly sacrificed himself to protect the village.
  • Or the new vilain Kawaki has some how cut Naruto’s access to Kyuubi chakra making him vulnerable to injuries.

Conclusion: In the anime Kawaki tells Boruto that he’ll send him where he has sent the Seventh Hokage. I think even if Naruto dies, he will probably be brought back back to life by Edo Tensai or Sasuke may use his Renni Rebirth jutsu. Or another possibility is, He is NOT DEAD. The pictures shows him injured, so it is highly possible that he is in Coma(like Tsunade after pein’s attack). I don’t think they would kill the main character of the show just like that.




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