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Sword of Totsouka

 Itachi’s Susanoo was the wielder of the sword of Totsuka, which is an eternal blade that can seal anyone that it pierces in a gen-jutsu for eternity. According to the myth, the sword of Totsuka was inherited by Susanoo from his father, Izanagi. With this sword, Izanagi had killed his new born son kagu-tsuchi, the fire god, whose birth has burned his mother Izanami to death.


orochimaru sword fight

According to the myth after being exiled from heaven for his misconduct towards Amaterasu, Susanoo killed Yamata no Orichi(The legendary Eight-Forked-Serpent) with his Sword of Tatsuka and obtained The Sword of Kusanagi. According to me, the charter Orochimaru was built with a reference from Yamato no Orichi, whom Sasuke Uchiha killed. In the anime, Sasuke was the wielder of the sword of Kusanagi throughout the shippuden series…



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