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Hi, welcome, everyone. Today I am gonna to tell you some interesting facts, you probably did not know about the most beloved & badass character  Itachi Uchiha.

Some Kickass Facts About Itachi Uchiha:

1. Jiraiya and Itachi are tied as the two strongest characters,  as stayed in Kishimoto’s data book.

Itachi and Jiraiya


2. Itachi forced his little brother to watch their parents die 518400 times.

sasuke family dead


3. Kishimoto said in an interview that he killed Itachi because Itachi could easily defeat Madara, and then the story would not be so interesting.

Madara vs Itachi


4. Itachi was supposed to look different in the anime but Kishimoto changed it later. This was his look, back then ( Thank God Kishimoto Changed it ).Itachi Concept


5. 340 official missions are completed by him. Among them 1 S-rank,  0 A-rank,  134 B-rank, 152 C-rank and 53 D-rank missions.



6. His ninja registration No. was 012110.

Itachi uchiha


7. Before Itachi  Uchiha killed his own girlfriend, he puts her under a Tsukuyomi where he showed her a life where she became chunin and get married to him she left shinobi life for marrying him after that, they had children and raised them. They both grew old(80 years) together. He did all that in 0.000000001 seconds… Then she smiled and said “Thank you” before she died.

Itachi and his Girl friend


8. In the Ninja Academy Itachi has the second highest scores which was only next to Minato.

Minato and itachi


9. Kisame is the only person who knew all about his plan with Sasuke. Kisame really liked him, so before his battle with Sasuke Kisame attacked him, to be sure that Itachi has enough strength and health to fulfill his plan. By the way, Kisame lost that battle.


itachi vs sasuke

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