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#8 Portgas D Ace

Ace & his MomGol D. Ace’  her mother named him before she died. But Ace claims his name Portgas D Ace because of his mother sacrifice of saving him from world government by carrying him for 20 months in her womb.


#9 If ACE Would Have Been A Girl

Ace or AnneOda also stated that if ace had been a girl then her name would have been Anne.


#10 Spade Pirates

Spade Pirates

He was the Captain of the “Spade Pirates” before joining the Whitebeard Pirates. Along with him, his entire crew joined the Whitebeard Pirates.


#11 Popularity

d ace

He has the highest known bounty up until the Dressrosa arc, and the second highest overall bounty, surpassing Luffy and Law by 50,000,000 beris.


#12 Energetic

Ace Partying  He liked to party as much as his brother does. (Luffy)


#13 Voice Actor

Ace Voice Actor

His voice actor is Toshio Furukawa , who is also the voice actor Piccolo from dragon ball series.


#14 Ace Can Use Conqueror’s haki

He can use Conqueror’s haki . He first use it while a Bluejam Pirates was going to kill luffy in grey terminal. 


#15 Ace’s Battle Resolve

Ace vs Blackbeard

He had a tendency to never back down from a fight, saying that he would never run once facing an enemy or from a battlefield.

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