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8.Before Enies lobby arc she use to call Nami just Navigator, but after that arc she actually calls Nami by her name. Because after that they became closest friend.

Nami & Robin
Nami & Robin


9. She has befriended at least 3 people with the Will of D. These people are Jaguar D. Saul, Monkey D. Luffy, and Revolutionary Army leader Monkey D. Dragon. She met Dragon over the time skip, Luffy, while she was working with Baroque Works, and Saul on Ohara who saved her life from the buster call.

Robin & Saul
Robin & Saul

10. She can sprout  her any parts but her limit for sprouting is 1000.

Robin Wings

11. She got the highest starting bounty among the strawhat pirates when she was kid , because for her knowledge not for power.

Nico Robin Bounty Poster


11. Hers favorite food are cakes that are not so sweet, sandwiches and miscellaneous things that goes with coffee. And hers least favorite food is chewing gum.

Robin & Zoro Eating Together
Robin & Zoro Eating

12. In SBS Oda was asked if he were given a choice to have a devil fruit power, then which one he would choose? And as an answer he replied he want Robin Devil Fruit power so that he can draw manga 20 times faster. If Oda have robin powers then one piece would be completed,  then we can know all the secrets about one piece robin.

Eiichiro Oda

13. If One Piece characters were real life persons, then she would be from Russia , Oda said so in a sbs.

Robin Russian
Robin Russian


All the facts are from SBS and Onepiecewiki.

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