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Hi Everyone, Today I am going to discuss some interesting facts about the Nico Robin the Devil Child & the Archaeologist of Straw Hats Pirates… Lets Start the facts about one piece robin…

Facts About Nico Robin :

1. Her blood type is S. Same as Usopp’s and both of them cut’s the crew’s hair.

Robin & Usopp
Robin & Usopp



2. According to Oda, she can sprout any part of her body. If you are thinking anything else than stop it ,you pervert.

one piece robin



3. She is the only Strawhat Pirate whom Luffy did not invite. After “Alabastra Arc”, she joined the crew without invitation and in Enies lobby arc, Luffy asked if she want to live, she answered yes that’s all.

luffy asking robin if she wants to live
I Wanna live

4. Most of the devil fruit users announce their moves. But Robin is the only one who announce them in Spanish.

Robin flying, announcing her power in Spanish
Robin flying, announcing her power in Spanish


5. Robin’s Birthday is February 6th and is 30 years old. This makes her the third oldest Straw Hat, right after Franky and Brook. And she and her mother Nico Olivia share the same birthday.

Robin and her mom
Robin and her mom


6. Along with being third oldest, Robin is also third tallest member of the Straw Hat Pirates with the height of 6’2″(188cm). Tallest member is brook and 2nd tallest is franky .

Nico Robin
One Piece Robin


7. In the chapter 355, during the flashback with Tom, Franky and Iceberg. Robins bounty is incorrectly written as 78 million, it should be 79 million.one piece robin

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