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9. He is the only straw hat that didn’t ride on Going Merry. And if straw hat were from real world then he would be an Austrian.Austrian Flag

10. He is fastest straw hats according to oda in SBS 85 because he is lighter.Brook running on water


11. Brook’s unique laugh of “Yoho” is a stereotypical pirate line commonly found in the various pirate related pop culture. It originates from “Dead Man’s Chest”, the sea shanty from the book Treasure Island.Yo ho ho


12. Brook had a scar on his forehead that resembles omega(Ω) when he was alive, he retained it in his skeleton form too.Omega mark on his skull


13. His devil fruit is the “yomi yomi no mi” is the only devil fruit that has a some condition to meet before he can use his devil fruit. Which was he needed to die before using his devil fruit.brook soul returning to his body


14. Brook uses a type a sword called a “Shikomizue” , a sword concealed inside a cane. He uses his sword in conjunction with his fencing skills and had the sword for more than 50 years. After time skip he named his sword “Soul Solid”.brook blocking a attack


15. Due to his skeleton body, he can store things in his head like Tone Dial. And if his head gets separated he can fix it too.
brook opening his skull

16. He normally sleeps at 12 am and wake up at 5 am & he usually bath once a week.

Straw Hats boys sleeping

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Source of information SBS

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