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Here I am again and this time with some amazing facts about Brook “The Soul King”  the musician of Straw hats crew… So without washing time lets start the article.

Facts About Brook:

1. His height before time skip was 8’8 and he was 88 year old that refers to a usual number of 88 keys in a typical Piano. But after the time skip his height is 9’1 feet, that means he somehow grew taller.

brook with piano


2. Till now, He is the only Straw Hat Devil Fruit user who does not have any named Devil Fruit attacks.

Brook Soul Parade


3. Oda planned to have a skeleton musician for the crew long before he was introduced. When Laboon was made of the character he had  thought of brook,  however the overall design was not finalized.

brook pre sketch


4. In episode 509 there is a part where brook starts to playing a song to lift up the spirits of men there. However same song was played by butler in the 3rd movie. In the movie the song was used to animal rampage & brook used to it lift up the spirit. So it looks like either brook or butler have played the wrong song.

Brook singing
Brook singing
butler singing ; one piece
butler singing







5. The food he likes the most are takoyaki and tea. And his least like is lemon. And his favorite dish to prepare is taraso.



6. Brook is the only member of the Straw Hat crew that used to be Captain of his own pirate crew.

Brook singing his last song before his dead


7. His birthday, April 3, comes from his Devil Fruit’s name since 4-3 can be derived from yo-mi. Also he was 38 years old when he died and 88 years old when he joins straw hats. He is 90 years old now.

Happy Birthday Brook


8. According to Oda, Brook would have been the Grandfather if Straw Hats were a Family.Straw Hats Crew

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