Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta’s New Time Dimension Power?

The “Dragon Ball Super” manga is a bit better than its anime counterpart, And we’ve already gotten a decent glimpse of the inter-universal martial arts tournament. Dragon Ball Super has shown lot of screen time for Goku and Vegeta. With both of them being the powerhouse of the universe 7.

Some fans are thinking that either, or both of them, would win the tournament. But Of course, there’s Gohan and Frieza too, both formidable fighters, possibly the wittiest in the bunch. But when it comes to the reality of the tournament, Who will have the chance to bring victory for the Universe 7?

Dragon Ball Super, Top Picks Right Now

If there’s someone who is fitting for this position, that someone will be Goku. Every fan knows how strong Goku is. Goku can easily beat other participants with his sheer strength. But It is expected that he will be targeted by all others in the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power because of his bad reputation.

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He is equal to Toppo in a one on one match, but what if it is Goku vs. Toppo vs. Jiren vs. someone more? No matter how strong Goku might be, the odds of him becoming the tournament champion, are against him. But wouldn’t it be interesting if we see Toppo & Jjiren vs Goku & Vegeta?

Some fans will most likely think of Vegeta or Gohan as the next for this position, as they are the next strongest participants. Vegeta’s  Power-up and Gohan’s new form are most anticipated in this arc. Gohan have a good chance of winning the Tournament If he doesn’t let his softness get the best of him. And If he could utilize his mystic power entirely.

Of course, there’s Frieza and his Golden Form. Since Frieza wont be able to betray Universe 7 anymore, he will do anything to get his freedom and to be resurrected again. As one of the wittiest in the bunch, he has his own ways to survive and win the Tournament as well as his resurrection.

Vegeta’s New Plan To Counter Hit

The “Dragon Ball SuperTournament of Power is finally within the grasp of the viewers. Universe 7 fighters are still in a tight situation due to Buu’s unanticipated last-minute hibernation. Still, the excitement  is getting really high, especially for Vegeta fans out there.If we recall it, Vegeta trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. What has he achieved in those times inside that training room?

God Vegeta

Vegeta and Hit in Dragon Ball Super

Goku and Hit’s battle is the one that is more popular if we ask the fans. Vegeta’s battle with Hit was not up to the mark, as the Saiyan Prince stood there with no chance of winning against Hit.

His biggest disadvantage in the past battle is that he never understood the time-skipping. So Vegeta’s training will be something to counter Hit’s technique. And how would he do that? By training inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Now what’s that supposed to mean?

Dragon ball super hit vs vegeta
Hit vs Vegeta

The Hyperbolic Chamber

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber, also known as the Room of Spirit and Time. It’s a room in Dragon Ball world where time flows differently. One day outside of the Hyperbolic Chamber will be equivalent to a year when inside. This is a neat cheat for training when a limited amount of time is available (perfect for, ahem, Gohan, ahem). This is the same room where Gohan and Goku trained before the Cell Games and located in Kami’s lookout.

Before the Tournament of Power, Vegeta decided to use the room to train in preparation for the upcoming tournament. So how do you think the Saiyan Prince will train inside?

Vegeta’s New Time Dimension Power

The SSJ4 Guy pointed out the possibility that Vegeta found out how to travel to Time Dimensions, similar to that time when Perfect Buu and Gotenks were inside the Time Chamber.

We have seen in Episode 92 that Vegeta was inside the chamber and he managed to force his way out by powering up his Super Saiyan Blue form. Vegeta seems to be able to cross different dimensions and come back. Now, this is something useful when countering Hit’s time-skipping. This is a more complicated approach than Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken. But somewhat more efficient.

If Vegeta can cross another dimension and come back again just in time to launch a surprise attack on Hit, he will have the upper hand as Hit’s time-skipping will not affect Vegeta while he is crossing dimensions. If that happens, then Vegeta could even possibly be the winner of the tournament.

Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power will be starting soon and more warriors are expected to be introduced in the next episodes. The final preparation for the tournament arena was finished. Who will possibly win the Tournament of Power?

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