Boruto | Can it live up to Our Expectations?

One of the most awaited series of 2017, Boruto: Naruto Next Generation had already crossed 10 episodes and is doing pretty well. Still there are a lots of doubts and questions in our minds. One of which is, will the show be able to live up to Naruto’s legacy. After all Naruto is something we all adore and would really feel bad if the sequel is not good enough.

Boruto team
Boruto team

Let’s discuss what we have watched till now and compare the two shows.(Spoilers ahead)

Difference between the two shows:

  • While Naruto has started with an aura of mystery and a strong plot. The begnning of Boruto was much more light-hearted. It still has quite good action in it but at this stage it is nowhere near the life and death situations we have watched in the “wave arc” of Naruto series.
  • Boruto is a smart and confident character unlike Naruto who was the class clown. It is to be expected, after all Naruto was and orphan, hated by his whole village while Boruto is the son of the village Hero and Hokage who has got enough training since childhood(as Shikadai has mentioned during shuriken practice)
  • One of the biggest difference between these two shows is the involvement of family. Here everyone have parents and their own family issues. While with Naruto and Boruto it is complicated and Shikamaru and Shikadai troublesome…it is still a big part of the show.
Boruto eye power
Boruto eye power

Similarities between the two shows:

    • Despite the difference there are similarities too. The mystery of Boruto’s eye power is almost like the mystery of Sharingan which was revealed ages later.(Hope they won’t do that with Boruto)
  • Mitsuki seems like an interesting character. Most of the characters in Naruto had a past that was revealed later but in this show only Mitsuki have that. The extent of his powers are still not fully known, neither is his history with Orochimaru.
  • Shikadai is probably the only character who seems almost same as Shikamaru. Sarada is nowhere near Sasuke’s level and the others seems completely different from the naruto characters we had at the beginning.
  • Boruto-Naruto-Sasuke

Why You Should Watch Boruto Series:

  • The first reason would be that you are a Naruto fan and can’t get enough of the show. As a sequel Boruto is going to touch new aspects of the lives of Naruto characters.
  • Here we see minor characters of Naruto like Hanabi(and Toneri from the last movie) ┬áin a new light. Probably there will be more in the future who were ignored in Naruto.
  • At the beginning the fight between Boruto and Kawaki hints that there will be some good plot twists.
  • As the series is going to be a long one we can hope good character development too.
  • Right not the show is quite entertaining. There is not much tragedy like Naruto series so the atmosphere of the show is lighter and enjoyable.
Boruto Naruto Family
Boruto Naruto Family

Reasons you may dislike it:

  • The beginning of the show is slow and haven’t made much progress with the story yet.
  • There are some plot holes…and a few things aren’t making much sense right now.(I could not understand if all the previous hokages could handle their duty alone why can’t Naruto even with tons of clones!)
Boruto Eye
So Its Final


Even if it is not the best show released of 2017. It is definitely in the top 10 list. After Naruto we all have high expectations from this show and I think it’s not gonna disappoint us. In the Boruto movie we have seen Naruto and Boruto sorting out their differences. So I’m sure in future we are gonna have grand fights with Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki in it…it already sounds thrilling doesn’t it?

Thank you for reading. Please let us know what you think in the comments section.

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