Mysteries behind Blackbeard and his Crew Explained!!

I don’t think much of an introduction is needed regarding the Blackbead. Kurohige or Blackbeard, Marshall D Teach, is one of the most interesting villains in One Piece. We first saw him at Mock Town and I must admit it, I became a fan of him after his speech about pirates and people’s dreams.

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From a nutcase bubbling about dreams there, he went on to recruit one of the most powerful crews, become a Yonkou himself and even acquire two devil fruits(and possibly even more now).

The funny thing is he accomplished those feats using his evil ways, and became in our eyes maybe one of the most hated and most promising villains in One Piece.

There are so many questions arrives when we talk about Blackbeard like.

  • How he able to use the ability of two devil fruit ?
  • How his crew members are  stealing devil fruits power?

There are so many theories that I have come across since the greatest revealing, using of two devil fruit powers during Marine ford Arc. And latest One Piece manga chapter 867 and 868 just added an extra flavor in it.

Today i’ll tell you the most legit theory that can revel Blackboard’s power his method of stealing devil fruit and how he able to mange using the two devil fruit power.  So let’s start.

What we know so far about Devil fruit and users?
Devil Fruit
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Well, as Shanks stated  “once heard that all the Devil Fruits are the Sea Devil’s incarnations. If you eat one you’ll gain a special ability, but you won’t be able to swim.”

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If you eat a devil fruit user as Big mom ate Holy mother you can have user’s devil fruit power (Spoiler).

And It is believed and apparently proven that eating two Devil Fruits would make a person’s body explode.

Now this contradicts with Blackbeard. It had clearly shown that he can use two devil fruit ability.

Then did he really eat two devil fruit? if so then how he is steal alive? is their any possibility of eating two devil fruit???

I think the only most probable way Blackbeard can have two power is by eating two devil fruit..  you must be laughing right?? it’s good for health .. haha 🙂

but let me explain first.

Continued in next page..


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2 thoughts on “Mysteries behind Blackbeard and his Crew Explained!!

  • June 12, 2017 at 10:13 pm

    Lol, maybe Zorro and Luffy knew he wasn’t alone as by himself that he got a crew not 3 people in the same body XD isn’t it ?!

    • Eternalflame
      June 13, 2017 at 2:03 am

      Yeah but, A pirate having a crew is not something to highlight.. So I am pretty sure zoro didn’t meant that..


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