Attack On Titan Season 3 | Updates

With episode 12, season 2 of Attack on Titan anime came to an end. But earlier, we heard rumors that there will be an announcement at the end of the finale. This announcement turned out to be the confirmation for Season 3 of the anime scheduled for 2018 Spring !


Below are screenshots from the end of the episode confirming season 3:

Attack On Titan Season 3

Attack On Titan Season 3


Previous Channels

The second season premiered in Japan on 21 networks, including Tokyo MX and MBS, on April 1. Funimation began streaming a simulcast version on the same day, and Crunchyroll is also streaming the series. Funimation announced in December that it licensed the second anime season.

The English dub of the second season premiered on Adult Swim‘s Toonami in April, and then on Funimation‘s streaming service a day later.

So we are hoping Season 3 will also be streaming by them soon

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I hope you are as excited as we are, stay tuned for more updates 




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