Top 5 anime with time loops: Must watch before you die

Time Travel, One of the most interesting concept to have in a fiction story. It bring suspense, thriller, paradox. Most often end up fixing the time loop after failed to change it so miserably. If these thing gives you a goosebumps then you will like our top 5 anime selection with messed up time loops in it and some intense butterfly effects.

So without wasting any more time lets start the count down

#5. The Girl Who Leap Through Time

image of a girl who leap through time
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Type: Film

Episodes: 1

Status: Complete

Synopsis: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a 2006 Japanese-animated science fiction romance film produced by Madhouse, directed by Mamoru Hosoda and written by Satoko Okudera. Released by Kadokawa Herald Pictures, the film is a loose sequel to the 1967 novel of the same name by Yasutaka Tsutsui and shares the basic premise of a young girl who gains the power of time travel, but with a different story and characters than the novel. A teenager Makoto Konno, who learns from Kazuko Yoshiyama, Makoto’s aunt and the protagonist to the original story, that Makoto has the power to travel through time. Makoto begins using the time-leaps frivolously to fix problems.

A pretty nice romantic film with messed up time loop,


#4. Fate/Stay Night- Unlimited Blade Works

archer and lancer fighting

Type: TV

Episodes: 26 + OVA

Status: Complete

Synopsis: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (officially Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]) is a 2014–2015 action, thriller, fantasy anime based on the visual novel Fate/stay night produced by Type-Moon. The plot of the episodes is primarily based on the Unlimited Blade Works storyline in the Fate/stay night visual novel. The entire Fate series is about calling spirits  legendary heroes from ancient timelines.  The magus who summons them are the masters who were fighting for the holy grail. Although in all the fate series spirits are summoned from different time, but it’s also possible that heroic spirits  can be summoned from future to its own time. And thats exactly the climax of the character Archer, which actually blows mind after realizing and purpose of Archer. If you haven’t seen it already I don’t want to spoil it anymore go ahead and see it.

Just wait till the climax, it will blow your mind!!

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