Angel Beats : Otonashi The Kindest Soul

Hi, everyone. Once again I’m back with another character analysis from the famous anime Angel Beats. If you haven’t watched the anime yet then you definitely should try it out. Angel Beats is among one of those anime that at the first glance looks simple high school drama and romance but in reality, have much more to offer.

Angel Beats Otonashi Yuzuru Character Analysis:

In anime we see a lot of kind, self sacrificing characters who jumps in the face of danger to save others without a second thought. But somehow after watching so many anime and amazing admirable characters Yuzuru Otonashi from Angel Beats has made a different impression~The kindest anime character. You don’t agree with me? Then let me give you some reasons…(Spoilers ahead. Be Warned!!)

1.Otonashi Yuzuru~The Big Brother: 
Angel Beats: Otonashi and his sister
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Sure Otonashi is not Edword Elric who sacrificed his arm for his brother, nor is he Itachi Uchiha or Lelouch vi Britania who became villains to give their siblings a good life. No, Otonashi is just a simple middle school student who loves his terminally ill sister immensely. Otonashi works as a traffic controller to make both ends meet but even then he brings manga for his little sister with whatever little money he saves. To fulfill his little sister’s wish to go out on the Christmas eve, Otonashi takes up extra part time jobs, he stands in the freezing cold winter to guide the traffic so that he can save up enough money to give his sister the best Christmas of her life. When the doctors refuses to let her go out on that day due to her condition, Otonashi sneaks her out of the hospital to keep his promise. The grateful final “Thank you” from his sister is the final proof of what a great big brother he was.

2.Otonashi Yuzuru~The Friend: 
Otonashi and Hinata
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There was no proclamation of saving friends at any cost. Otonashi never sprouted big words on friendship and bonds. But at the end of the day he did everything in his power to save his friends, to give them another chance in life. Otonashi’s friendship with Hideki Hinata is specially noticeable. It’s a simple yet unbelievably strong one. Through out the whole anime Hinata’s trust on Otonashi was unwavering. Together they managed to help everyone trapped in the world between life and death.

3.Otonashi Yuzuru~The Leader:

Officially Otonashi was not a leader. He was a calm collected simple teenage boy who at the first glance is not some one who can lead people. But when the situation called for his help Otonashi turned into a person who everyone can rely upon. What makes some one leader? Courage? The will to gain people’s trust? Or the power to give people hope even at the darkest hours? Well whatever your answer may be, Otonashi had them all. Trapped in a tunnel after a train accident anyone would think about their own selves first. But Otonashi helped the victims at the best of his abilities, nursed their wounds, gave up his own portion of water for them, stopped a conflict with only his kindness. When every one of the victims had given up hope and submitted themselves to their fate, even at his final moments Otonashi gave them a new hope. If he is not a good leader then who is?

4.Otonashi Yuzuru~The Lover:
Otonashi and Kanade
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Otonashi’s love for Kanade is something pure. He stood by her side through thick and thin, helped her achieve her goal. But that is not what makes him special. It is his final words to Kanade that makes him special. When Kanade asked Otonashi to confess his love one last time so her soul could find peace, Otonashi did that, despite knowing that his confession to her would make her disappear forever and leave him alone in the world between life and death.


The ending is a little unclear. We don’t know if Otonashi stays in that world to guide more troubled souls or decides to give himself another chance at living. But knowing his nature it was probably the first one. So, What do you think? A boy who has done all this without hoping the spot light deserves our respect right? To me, Otonashi will always be one of the kindest anime characters I have ever watched and Angel Beats is surely one of the best anime on my list.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you have enjoyed it. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.



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2 thoughts on “Angel Beats : Otonashi The Kindest Soul

  • July 31, 2017 at 8:34 am

    He leaves. Just watch the ending. He disappears along with everyone else. But he waits much longer. Who was he waiting for though? Someone to take his place. A person to guide other lost souls. That’s what I think.

  • Phoenix
    August 2, 2017 at 5:52 pm

    Yeah. You are right. I’m really sorry for the mistake. But what you said really makes sense…probably he found someone to take his place…


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