ALL GOD RANKINGS Revealed ; Dragon Ball Super

6. Universe 2

God of Destruction – Jerez

Angle – Saware

Kanigami – Pell

Universe 2 pic of dbs




7. Universe 3

God of Destruction – Mosco

Angle – Campari

Kanigami – Air

Universe 3 pic of dbs




8. Universe 10

God of Destruction – Ramoushi

Angle – Kuduzu Vine

Kanigami – Gowath

universe 10 pic of dbs




9. Universe 4

God of Destruction – Kitara

Angle – Conic

Kanigami – Kuru

Universe 4 pic of dbs




10. Universe 6

God of Destruction – Champa

Angle – Vados

Kanigami – Hua

Universe 6 pic of dbs





11. Universe 7

God of Destruction – Virus

Angle – Wies

Kanigami – Singh

Universe 7 pic of dbs




12. Universe 9

God of Destruction – Sidra

Angle – Mojito

Kanigami – Row

Universe 9 pic of dbs


And what do you think about the mortal level rankings of all 12 universes in the tournament of power? As we all know the members of the team universe 7 but there is going to be a twist so stay tuned with our page Anime Hound we will reveal it to you guys. And What do you guys see who will win the in the Tournament of Power …

And Don’t Forget to mention your thoughts below.

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