8 Anime That Made Our Childhood Awesome

What was the first anime you watched? I’m sure you all remember. After all how can we forget the shows that made our childhood special? These are the list of animes that made my childhood awesome…I think the same goes for you guys too…check it out.

(This is not rank based)

 1. One Piece

One piece
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The anime series started broadcasting in Japan in 1999. This one Is the most memorable anime which taught us the meaning of friendship. you laughed you cried you were a part of the crew, Straw hat Pirate. You felt each and emotion in you. and enjoyed the adventures from running in desert, alabaster to flying the ship in the clouds, Sky Island. Over the Best anime made our childhood and still doing it. The series is one of the most famous anime series ever.

 2. Dragon ball z

Dragon ball z
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The 1st session called Dragon ball started broadcasting in 1986. Though it was fairly famous, the next session which started in 1989 called Dragon ball z was what made it the 1st anime to get recognition through out the world. Even now the latest session Dragon ball super is very successful.


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This anime started broadcasting in 2002. Within a few years it made a huge following because of its unique plot and amazing representation. Then with Naruto Shippuden series it made its place among one of the classic anime series. The new series of this franchise Boruto: Naruto next generation has started in early April.


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The 1st session indigo league started in 1997. Mostly made for kids and pre-teens, this series made a huge success. This series literally took us. where we really dreamt of going out for an adventure. catching new pokemons and challenge other trainers. you deny that then you are lying to yourself. AND the huge success of Pokemon Go proved how people had loved the series throughout the years.

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