10 Facts you should know about Roronoa Zoro!!!

Roronoa Zoro is the right hand man to the future king of the pirates Monkey D. Luffy! The master swordsman, who aims to be the best in the world. He is also very much loved by all the One Piece fans.

Today we countdown facts, trivia, and unknown knowledge about the pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro. So without any further delay let’s begin ⇒

Fact #1.

Zoro is the only Straw Hat Pirate to be named after a real life pirate, the famous “Frances L’ollonais – cruellest of the Carribean Pirates.” The Japanese pronunciation for L’ollonais is Roronoa. In SBS Volume 4, Oda revealed this secret to the One Piece lovers.

A picture of francois Lolonios

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Fact #2. 

Based on early sketches of One Piece, Oda initially planned Zoro to be the bodyguard of Buggy. A picture of an incarnation of him in Buggy’s crew was then later released in Volume 3 along with another picture of Buggy’s crew. Oda described Buggy’s crew as a family unit, in which Zoro was the elder brother.

A picture of Roronoa Zoro as buggy's body gurd

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Fact #3. 

Zoro has his own jolly roger, like all the Straw Hat crew. But before time skip it has Zoro’s bandanna, two swords instead of crossbones, and a sword in its mouth. After time skip the skull gains Zoro’s three earrings and the left eye is closed with a vertical scar over it to match Zoro’s own eye. The swords that make up the crossbones are more detailed.

a picture of Jolly roger of Roronoa Zoro

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Fact #4. 

Zoro’s reintroduction to the series after the timeskip is reminiscent of how Mihawk was introduced. Both sliced a galleon in two and both seemingly did so due to an interrupted nap.

a picture of mihawk and Roronoa Zoro

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Fact #5. 

Zoro’s favorite foods are white rice, sea king meat, and anything that goes with ale. His least favorite food is chocolate. Other than taking naps, Zoro typically sleeps at 4:00 A.M. and gets up at 7:00 A.M and he bathes once a week.

a picture of Roronoa Zoro

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