10 Must Watch Thriller Anime You Would Regret Missing

 7.Erased(Boku Dake ga Inai Machi):

Episodes: 12
Status: Complete

Summery: We all have regrets in our life. Things we would like to change if given a second chance. In this story Satoru Fujiyama has a special ability to go back a few minutes in time when something bad is about to happen around him. After a tragic incident Satoru finds himself 18 years back in time, trying to correct his mistakes and save his dear ones.

It has only been a few months since it’s release but this anime has already made it’s place among the top ones because of the amazing plot and beautiful representation. All in all it is a must watch for anime lovers.

6.Psycho pass:

Psycho pass




Summery: The story is set in the 22nd century Japan, where every citizen has to go through an examination that determines their mental states for signs of criminal intent. the story follows a team of policeman dedicated to maintaining public order.

I can’t tell you much in the summery. just go and watch it. It is absolutely amazing.

5. Kiseijuu:Sei no Kakuritsu(Parasite:the maxim):




Summery: One night worm like creatures called parasites appear on earth and stars taking over human brain by entering through their ears or noses. The main character of this anime is Shinichi, the parasite that tries to enter his ear while he was sleeping, fails as he was wearing headphones. Instead it enters his body by borrowing in his arm. Thus both beings were able to retain their separate intellect and personality. As the story progresses they encounter more parasites and gradually forms a strong bond.

A unique plot with good animation. All in all a really good one.


4. Mirai Nikki(Future diary):

Future Diary

Episodes:26+ OVA


Summery: The story revolves around a 14 years old loner Yukiteru who prefers to write in his cell phone diary instead of mingling with kids of his age. He believes he has an imaginary friend Deus ex Machina. One day Deus asks him to play a game along with 11 others. the winner of the game will be the next Deus ex Machina but to win the game they have to use their diaries from future.

This is a famous one. So, I have nothing much to say. If you haven’t watched it yet then you are missing a great show.



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