Seven Deadly Sins – Latest Power Level Review (Manga)

Thoughts On Ban:

Ban Seven Deadly Sins
Ban Seven Deadly Sins

What we know

Ban the Fox’s Sin of Greed, member of Seven Deadly Sins. Well I already wrote a whole article on How powerful is Ban, you can check that also. As a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Ban is very powerful. His speed and strength surpass that of an ordinary human, and his specialty is using his speed in conjunction with his ability, Snatch, in order to rip out opponents organs, preferably their hearts. His most amazing ability however, is his immortality. Thanks to drinking from the Fountain of Youth, all of Ban’s wounds heal almost instantaneously no matter how severe. He also does not age, does not need to eat or drink, and is immune to all poisons. His immortality allows him to fight with a much more reckless style than most are willing.

His Power level is 3,220 which was enough to Bring Galand, one of the ten commandments to his knees.


Although we don’t see any large power jump in Ban’s case, due to his ability to steal physical strength of opponents as well as all others around (Hunter’s Festival) , he can become much more stronger than himself during battle and as he is “stealing” strength of the opponent, he is making them weaker and weaker. as a result his chance of winning become more and more heavy as the battle continues. aside from that he is immortal what else we need. although we haven’t seen any power jump I am guessing after recovering his Sacred Treasure Ban will be formidable  than any other Sin.

Thoughts On Gowther:

Goat's Sin Of Lust Gowther
Goat’s Sin Of Lust Gowther

What we know

Gowther is the goat’s Sin of lust, of Seven Deadly sins. As we have seen will now, Gowther is one of the mysterious character among all the seven deadly sins. What we do know till now that he is the creation of Gowther ゴウセル」 is an elite warrior of the Demon Clan, serving directly under the Demon King as the Selflessness of the Ten Commandments. Gowther(Demon) was unwillingly chosen to be a member of the Ten Commandments because he was such a powerful wizard that he was recognised even by the Demon King at least 500 years before the start of the Holy War. Around that time, he was also brought to the Demon Prison since he denied the role of Selflessness. Just before being imprisoned, Gowther created a doll (Gowther) to be his alter ego which would serve as the only way he could keep contact with the outside world until the start of the Holy War. Gowther(Doll) purged his own memory to evade the immense pain of losing her love. which made him forget or unable  use his own power at full potential

Gowther’s(Doll) Power level before regaining his memory: 3,100. But after regaining his memory we only know that he is at his full power.


Gowther(doll) was a member of the Ten Commandments, Although it’s actually Gowther(demon) who was controlling him, but as he said Gowther (doll) was his alter ego, and I am guessing he has almost same power as Gother(demon). And Gowther(demon) was so powerful that even demon king considered him as a thread and imprisoned him. at the same time also wanted him in the team. considering all the facts we can assume Gowther’s(demon) power level was no less than 60k. So if Gowther(doll) is his alter ego, he made then he is as powerful as Gowther(demon).


Thoughts On Merlin:

Merlin Seven Deadly Sins

What we know

Merlin is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and is known as the Boar’s Sin of Gluttony. She is said to be the greatest magician in all of Britannia, she was able to defeat some of the greatest Holy Knights in Liones, easily overpowered her former student Vivian, the current most prominent mage of Liones, and even defeat Grayroad, one of the Ten Commandments. She has studied the demon realm and demonic magic for a very long time and as such is in possession of spells and objects originating from that realm.

Merlin is resistant to magic attacks as she remained unscathed by Vivian’s ferocious wind attacks, with only her cloak ripped apart. Due to her heritage, she additionally possesses a natural resistance to the effects of the Commandments. The simple mention of her birthplace and her true name is enough to frighten two members of the Ten Commandments and send one of them fleeing for their life. Later another member of the Ten Commandments praised her for being able to escape from his attack

Her current power is 4,710


Merlin is the only one till now who didn’t get power up. but according to the knowledge we have till now, there is a pretty good chance she is hiding her full power. And her birthplace is somewhere in the demon realm. she studied demon magic and only one in the sins who knew that Gowther is a doll. Which even Meliodas who was the former leader of the Ten Commandments didn’t know. Gowther (demon) mentioned that he made Gowther(doll) looking similar to her lover later changed it. So It’s a long shot but Gowther(doll) looks almost similar to Merlin so maybe Merlin was that lover of Gowther(demon). His ability Infinity can stop time of her spell, and I am guessing she somehow stopped her aging and she is living since the time of holy war. Thats how the commandments knew her name. Now before filling the comment box with all your passionate words, It’s just a theory doesn’t have to be true.

Overall Power Of The Seven Deadly Sins

Not All the Character is in full power like Merlin and Ban Who haven’t got his Sacred treasure yet but still if we sum up the total power its formidable, But We have to consider that the Ten Commandments might/will power up as well, and there is a slim chance that we might get to see the Demon king as well,  As Meliodas is the oldest son of Demon King.


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