Hero Killer | My Hero Academia Season 2 Villain Revealed!!

New Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Villain Revealed

After a gaining a huge popularity and success My hero academia got a new season, premiered on April 1, 2017. In the most recent issue of Shonen Jump Boku no Hero Academia (My hero academia) Season 2 sees a new addition in the form of Stain. Shonen Jump recently gave fans a preview of a new villain coming to the show, Hero Killer Stain.

my hero academia stain
Stain from my hero academia , Source : Google Plus

Stain is voiced by Go Inoue, and a picture of the new character can be seen below. As the reveal shows, Stain sports a katana while a mask covers his eyes. Bandages cover his arms as well and it appears to be a strange tongue. As to when the character will make his debut in My Hero Academia Season 2 has yet to be disclosed.

Chizome Akaguro, Stain the hero killer 

Stain joins the cast as a villain in the story. His real name is Chizome Akaguro and is the primary antagonist in the original source material’s Field Training Arc. Quite notably, Stain once aspired to be a Hero. He previously aspired to reach such ranks after the debut of the world’s greatest superhero, All Might. However, this aspiration ultimately sees a fall upon Stain’s disillusionment by the reality of Heroics.

The character assumes the mantle of Hero Killer Stain after his completion in the killing arts. Stain aims to kill all Pro Heroes as part of his “Revival of Heroics” initiative. This adds to his effort of making the world see the flaw in the Heroics system. Stain’s addition to My Hero Academia Season 2 thus adds another layer into the anime’s growing storyline.

Character Design of Stain, Hero Killer

The Official website of my hero Academia revealed few images of the character that we will be going to see in future

The show’s staff had revealed a visual last June for the second season that teased that the character would appear. Design looks pretty well developed and we cant wait to see this character in the future episodes.


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