Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu Premiere date confirmed !!


Schedule :

  • TOKYO MX: Starts on July 1 (Saturday), 24:30
  • Gunma TV : Starts on July 1 (Saturday), 24:30
  • Tochigi TV : Starts on July 1 (Saturday), 24:30
  • BS11: Starts on July 1 (Saturday), 24:30
  • MBS: Starts on July 1 (Saturday), 27:08
  • Okayama Housou/OHK : Starts on July 16 (Sunday), 25:30
  • Kochi Sun Sun TV : Starts on July 19 (Wednesday), 25:55
  • TV Ehime/EBC : Starts on July 20 (Thursday), 26:00
  • AT-X: Starts on July 4 (Tuesday), 22:30; Rebroadcasts every Thursdays (14:30), every Sundays (06:30), every Mondays (06:30)

The broadcasting times may change without notice.

Character and Assigned Designer :

Izuminokami Kanesada to be designed by Touko Nakamura
Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki to be designed by Moe Tsuzuku
Horikawa Kunihiro to be designed by Miyuki Ishizuka
Aizen Kunitoshi to be designed by Rio ShinzatoTonbokiri to be designed by Yuka Shiojima
Namazuo Toushirou to be designed by Miki Yamazaki
Shinshinsha to be designed by Kayo Onizawa
Sonnosuke to be designed by Yukako Serai


Teasers and PVs :

(Note: The linked video is region-blocked to Japan.)

The series director will be Toshiyuki Shirai, while Soma Saito will handle the series opening theme under the SACRA MUSIC banner and Kalafina the ending theme.


Touken Ranbu is a series that takes famous swords from Japanese history and personifies them as bishounen. Touken Ranbu launched last year in Japan and has gained over 1.5 million registered users and is compared to Kantai Collection in terms of gameplay and fandom.

Are you looking forward to Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu?

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