Facts about One Piece worth knowing !!

#6. Issho’s appearance –

A picture of Ishho
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Issho’s appearance is based on the fictional character Zatoichi who is a blind swordsman that carries a “Shikomizue,” a cane sword used for walking and fighting.

#7. Improved versions of the Devil fruit abilities –

According to Oda, It’s true that “superior” devil fruit abilities are a thing, but as of now, it’s pretty much just these four pairs.

SBS79 3 Devil Fruit Hierarchies
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(Ton Ton > Kilo Kilo, Hie Hie > Yuki Yuki, Magu Magu > Mera Mera, Buki Buki > Supa Supa)

Though there are other fruit pairs out there that might make you wonder. These abilities tend to be headed in different directions in terms of how they actually work or what they can do. Also, a superior ability does not necessarily equate to the character’s strength. No ability alone guarantees victory in combat.

#8. Gear 4 Stance –

Luffy 4th Gear
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Gear 4 kind of resembles a Japanese Nio statue.There are all kinds of things that symbolize power around the world, but Oda decided to stick to His homeland for this one and pick up some inspiration from an age-old representation of Japanese strength.

#9 Bartholomew Kuma

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#10. The great Buggy –

buggy the clown
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As Oda Sama stated, Buggy is the only person who can escape from Doflamingo’s Bird cage all by himself.


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