Mysteries behind Blackbeard and his Crew Explained!!

Now you must be thinking if so then

How Blackbeard is able to extract devil fruit from Whitebeard ?

I have an ans regarding this.. but first take a look at this video

What happened exactly back in the great marine war Marshal D teach covered Whitebeard in black curtain, when he came

Big mom
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out he was possessing the devil fruit power that belongs to Whitebeard. let’s come to the point in recent manga it has been confirmed that Big mom gained her devil fruit power by eating mother Caramel.

But there is chance that you don’t need entire body you just need that part where the devil fruit’s soul is situated. And maybe that book contains all this information..


You can’t ignore the fact that Whitebeard had a big hole in his chest so it’s not impossible to just cut off that particular organ and ate it to gain its devil fruit power.

Now come to the last question….

 How Blackbeard’s crew is stealing devil fruit powers then ??

During the Punk hazard Arc it is shown that when the red creature died, its devil soul transferred to the nearest fruit possible..


Now in Dressrosa arc when Burgess fought against Sabo. If you pay a closer attention you can see that he was caring a bag in

Sabo defeats burgess, Article blackbeard
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his back that had designs like devil fruits have.i’m saying that probably he was carrying a whole bunch of different types fruits. If in fight a devil fruit user dies his devil fruit’s soul will be consumed by one of those fruits.

This is how I’m seeing all this and everything pretty much can be explained with this theory .. All though I’m not the one who introduced this theory to us..

Anyway don’t you think the possibility of this theory is more legit than others??

If you don’t think so I’d like to see your thoughts about it in comment section bellow. . Thanks for staying with us.. Bye


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2 thoughts on “Mysteries behind Blackbeard and his Crew Explained!!

  • June 12, 2017 at 10:13 pm

    Lol, maybe Zorro and Luffy knew he wasn’t alone as by himself that he got a crew not 3 people in the same body XD isn’t it ?!

    • Eternalflame
      June 13, 2017 at 2:03 am

      Yeah but, A pirate having a crew is not something to highlight.. So I am pretty sure zoro didn’t meant that..


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