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All Universe god of dbs

ALL GOD RANKINGS Revealed ; Dragon Ball Super

Hey Guys as we all know that the Tournament Of Power is closing up and the tournament will be held between all 12 universe and it will be battle royal. We still only know the lowest mortal level universe , but today i am going to tell you about all the mortals levels rankings of universe..

Mortal levels, All God of Destruction
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Mortal Level Rankings of all 12 Universe –


1. Universe 1 

God of Destruction – Ivan

Angle – Anato

Kanigami – Awamo

Universe 1 pic of dbs



2. Universe 12

God of Destruction – A gene

Angle – Martine

Kanigami – Ag

Universe 12 pic of dbs



3. Universe 5

God of Destruction – Arak

Angle – Kuchatel

Kanigami – Ogama

Universe 5 pic of dbs



4. Universe 8

God of Destruction – Liquille

Angel – Korn

Kanigami – II

 Universe 8 pic of dbs


5. Universe 11

God of Destruction – Belle Mood

Angle – Marcalita

Kanigami – Kai

Universe 11 pic of dbs

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