10 facts you probably don’t know about Gohan !!

#6. Most character design and costume changes –

A picture Gohan with in all form
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His character goes through the most character designs and costume changes throughout the series.

#7. 1993 most popular character –

A picture of Gohan in ss2
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In 1993 he was voted as the most favorite character in official Shounen jump magazine.

#8. Names of Gohan –

A picture of teen Gohan
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In Funanimation dub, He was originally intended to be named either Einstein or Archimedes by Chichi and as for Ox king suggested the names, he wanted to name Gohan “Ox king jr, Ox monkey, Big Ox, Oxford, Ox in the box.  😀

#9. Son family reputation –

A picture of son family
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Gohan is the only member in “Son” family to have a career. (Surprisingly this is not the good thing for the fans of Gohan).

#10. Official name of Ultimate form –

A picture of gohan in ss blue
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His ultimate power up when full extent of his dormant power is released during the fusion saga is officially refered to as a “Ultimate Gohan”. This power-up has many names and power-ups such as “Mightiest warrior” in “Dragon ball 2” which is the encyclopedia of Dragon ball z, “Super Gohan ” in “Dragon Ball 7″,”Strongest Warrior” in “Dragona Ball Z legendary super warriors”,”Elder kai’s unlock ability” in “budokai series” and finally “Ultimate Gohan” in “Budokai Tenkaichi” series, however the most know version of calling Gohan is “Mystic Gohan” in Europe and America. Mystic Gohan name is not given officially by Toriyama it’s just an interpretation of American fans. Mystic has been used by Fun Animation in booklet of dragon ball z season 9 DvD.


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