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10 facts you probably don’t know about Gohan !!

Along with Goku, Gohan is one of the main characters of Dragon Ball Z. While Gohan never had the burning desire to win battles that his father had, he had a much more emotional depth to his story. While all of the other Dragon Ball characters were eager to train and fight, Gohan just wanted to live a normal life. He had the warrior lifestyle thrust upon him, which makes him a unique character.

Here I’m bringing you some facts that you should know about him…

#1. Gohan’s tail –

A picture of kid Gohan
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Gohan, the only known half-breed saiyan who born with a tail later on an interview Toriyama stated  “Tails are a recessive trait. Goten and Trunks were born without them.” Which defies real-world logic since, being recessive, Gohan shouldn’t have had one either.

#2. Cutting off Gohan’s tail  –

a picture of kid Gohan
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In the anime Gohan’s tail cut off 4 times once by Goku,  twice by Piccolo still it grew again during the Vegeta battle, and goes ape mode, Vegeta slices it with an energy disk. After that it was never grew back.

#3.  Fighting  with Freeza at the age of 5 –

Gohan fighting with freaza
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When Gohan was on Namek taking down Frieza, he was only 5 years old. This young one  put up one hell of a fight.

#4. Gohan’s Potential –

Gohan fighting with vegeta
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Gohan has more potential than Goku and Vegeta, he completely suppressed both Vegeta and Goku in cell game saga. And the only character has shown to achieve hell of a power in very short period..

#5. As main character –

Gohan fighting with Buu
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Gohan suppose to be the main character of the series by showing the limitless dormant power progression from saiyan saga to buu saga ultimately suppressing his father Goku, however Toriyama ended up by realizing that his personality would not allow him to overtake as the protagonist. Creator Toriyama reluctantly planned to end Dragon Ball z with ultimate Gohan prevailing over Margin Buu but felt that Goku is more suitable for that.

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